Belief Systems

Let’s take time out from my usual blog to celebrate the magic of the holiday season, a magic that I believe will carry over to all of 2012 and make it the greatest year ever. 2011? A tough year, Mortgage Fans, but it’s time to look forward because I believe the best is yet to come. I also believe the economy will get a lot better next year, I believe rates will stay semi-low, and I believe Santa will bring my kids toys that won’t have to be put together. Yes, I know that’s a lot of believing, but wasn’t it Journey who encouraged us not to stop Believin’? (I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but I’m sure Journey can use the plug.) So in the spirit of believing, here is my 4th Annual List of Things I Believe In:

1. I cheated my way through high school Spanish. Now, I believe that it’s not a coincidence that the voices in my head speak Spanish and I can’t understand a word they are trying to tell me.

2. I believe that “I before E except after C” was invented by a really powerful person who was bad at spelling.

3. I believe that if everyone receiving this email today does a random act of kindness the earth’s karma will shift in the right direction. (*suggested random act: mail me $20 cash to the address below).

4. I believe that musicals can happen in real life.

5. I believe the Kama Sutra would be a bestseller if it was made into a pop-up book.

6. Whitney Houston sang, “I believe the children are our future,” but that is just so wrong! I believe our future is flying cars and squirrels that will communicate thoughts to us telepathically.

7. I believe that my college major of Persuasive Speaking gave me the ability to convince my wife to marry me. I also believe that had I stuck with my first major – biochemical engineering – I would be married to someone I know nothing about.

8. I believe that when my friends tell me I am paranoid they are wrong (well, they don’t tell me that but I know they are thinking it).

9. I believe that when Prince changed his name to a symbol it was a genius move, and that I’m going to do the same. From now on, I would like to be known as “The Broker Formerly Known As Barry,” or by my symbol: a series of question marks.

10. I believe I am a huge fan of everyone reading this and I thank you for your business, support, and friendship over the years. Wishing you a beautiful holiday season filled with peace, prosperity, and happiness!

Warm regards,

(The Broker Formerly Known As Barry)


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