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Barry’s Blog: Your Credit Score

Rates Have been all over the place the last week. Currently, a 30 year fixed is around 5.25% (although rates can change up and down based on credit scores and equity in the home). Did’ja Know? Fortunately (at least for me) your SAT scores don’t follow you around for life. However, your credit scores do. […]

Barry’s Blog: Fannie Mae Flip

Rates Add 3 to my high school GPA and you will have the 30 year fixed rate: 5.25% (rates can go higher or lower depending on credit score and equity in the home). Are rates different for condos? Yep, they can be. Condos led the league in foreclosures last year so the folks at Fannie […]

Barry’s Blog: FHA Loans

Everything you wanted to know about FHA loans but were too scared to ask… 3-letter abbreviations to stay away from: DOA, DUI, DWI, MIA, KKK, HIV, XXX. 3-letter abbreviations to gravitate towards: FHA. This is short for the Federal Housing Administration. It is not the end-all answer for people that can’t get a conventional loan, […]

Barry’s Blog: 8-Grand

Good News Looking to buy a home? The government will give you a tax credit of $8,000.00. (there are restrictions though). There were rumors that this was going to be as high as $15,000.00. Regardless, this is a good thing to pass on to potential buyers. Good News 2 My Rogaine is working. I found […]

Barry’s Blog: Rates are Still Low!

Fannie Mae Changes Nope, I’m not talking about the candy that only grandmothers can buy – I’m talking about the governing body of loans. Years ago Fannie Mae set a rule that banks could still lend to you if you owned 10 properties or less. When everything hit the fan the past two years they […]

Barry’s Blog: Good Times

Rates The 30 year fixed is up to around 5.375%. Rates have been stubborn to come down. It could be that banks just want to catch up from the recent wave of refinances, but I’m inclined to believe they are holding out for more ‘bailout’ money. Months ago the government promised to purchase 50 billion […]

Barry’s Blog: In the Beginning

Hello! Today is the first day of the rest of my blogging life. Every week I’ll send a short note on what’s going on in the lending industry, helpful hints on how we can help you, and trivia questions that can earn you cash and prizes!! So let’s get right to it. 2009 If today’s […]