Great rates and bad pizza still exist in today’s economy…

February 3, 2010


Listening Quote of the Day:

Listening, not imitation, may be the sincerest form of flattery.  – Joyce Brothers.

Didja Know:

The Fed announced last week that he would stop buying bonds (by doing this he has kept rates artificially low) at the end of this quarter. No one really knows what will happen to rates on that day. Some experts think they will go up a full point, while others think it will only rise .25-.50 of a point. Here’s what I do know: if youre on the fence about refinancing I would do it now because on March 31st rates will be higher than where they are right now. (Side note: the 31st is also my sons birthday. Hes been begging me for a Chuck E Cheese birthday party but I told him hes too old. Hes really not, but the pizza there I thought it was impossible to make a bad pizza, but I was wrong. Chuck E Cheese is the Sharon Stone of pizza it looks good, but always disappoints.

Interest Rates:

Continue to roller coaster daily. A 30yr fixed for loans under 417k are at 4.875%-5.25% depending on type of property, credit score, equity in the home, and if my haircut tonight turns out okay. Any loan over 417k will be around 6% for a 30yr fixed.

Listening quote of the day 2:

And if you paid attention to me as a person youd know I dont like any of this music. — Julie Valvano, 1988, as she handed me a mix-tape I made for her when she was dumping me. (Side note: I will go to my grave saying that mix-tape was a masterpiece one of the best I had ever made. It covered rap (Rappers Delight by Sugarhill Gang) Country (Break it to Me Gently by Juice Newton), Top 40 (Up Where we Belong by Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes), and Classic Rock (Black Dog by Led Zep). What was there not to like about this tape?!)

Timeout for Trivia:

Congratulations to those of you who correctly guessed Matthew McConaughey last week. Answer todays Who Am I? question correctly and be entered into a quarterly drawing to win cash and prizes. Good luck: Yesterday I turned 56 but I look a lot younger. You might remember me from my Sports Illustrated Fame in the late 70s early 80s, or from my music video where I strut myself in a mechanics garage. Im sure the writer of this question likes to remember me skinny dipping in a cold pool on vacation.


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