Too Cute

Cute Quote of the Day: “When a guy tells me I’m cute, it’s not something desirable. Cute is more like what you want your pet to be.” – Natalie Portman

(I’ll have to remember that Portman said that…she’s on my Top 5 list of famous people my wife will let me sleep with. Can’t blow it by saying she’s cute…)

Interest rates exploded upwards last week when the Employment Numbers for October were released. Things have settled down but we are still at our high-lows (does that make sense?). A 30-year fixed is in the low 4s with ARM rates about a point lower. Don’t forget that interest rates vary based on type of home, equity in the home, credit score, and if you believe in the 5-second rule.

Wuss’up This Week: Not a ton of earth-shattering economic news comes out this week, but we do have two auctions (10-Year Treasury Note Auction today at 12:15, and 30-Year Treasury Bond Auction tomorrow) that can sway interest rates in either direction. Want rates to go down? Buy a bunch – Treasury Notes and Bonds make great holiday presents.

Don’t forget to remember: For any purchase or refinance loan over $240k I will waive all lender fees – a $1,295 savings! Be a hero and pass this info to any friends, family, or coworkers that want to save money. This way you don’t have to get them any holiday presents. When they ask you why you didn’t get them anything you can say, “Dude, I saved you $1,295. Step off!

Cute Quote of the Day 2: “What if Obama keeps the nuclear codes in a folder on his desktop called “Missile-aneous”? That’d be cute.” – Aaron Fullerton (@aaronfullerton)

Wondering if I’m on Natalie Portman’s list of Top 5 Mortgage Brokers she’dsleep with…

Timeout for Trivia: Congrats to those who guessed Ethan Hawke last week. Want to be entered into a drawing to win an American food flag? Simply email me the answer to this week’s “Who Am I?” question. Good luck: “Today I turn 58. A dirty dancer in heaven might channel through me to say my views don’t show enough love. Hey, maybe I’m bitter. I haven’t starred in hit movie since my 1985 flick with a talk show host and my 1990 flick with a chick whose marriage seemed like one long punk’d gag.”


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