You Can’t Pick Your Family…

Parents Quote of the Day:“If at first you don’t succeed, blame your parents.” – Marcelene Cox (American writer)

Who doesn’t like the inside of an Oreo?? If only this guy had used his powers for good instead of evil.

You ever have one of those weeks when you don’t get motivated until Friday? That’s how I feel about the economic news for this week. Nothing important going on until Friday when we get the Employment Report for February. The unemployment rate is expected to be at 7.9% with non-farm payrolls increasing by 149k. An increase in unemployment or weakness in payrolls may bring lower rates. What’s that? You want to know where rates are now?

Interest rates on the 30-year fixed remain in the mid-3s with ARM rates about a point lower. Don’t forget to let everyone know that for any loan over $240k I will waive all lender fees (a $995 savings – wow!). A lot of people have asked me if the sequester will have an impact on interest rates. The short answer: I don’t know. Any other sequester questions…?

Just what is a sequester? Everything you wanted to know is right here, Mortgage Fans.

Parents Quote of the Day 2: “I feel bad for kids who see toys on the television but can’t order it cause their parents have to be over 18 to call…” – (@CrazyUncleJoe)

Those who know me know that my favorite comedian is Louis CK and my favorite junk food is Cheetos. Wish I had thought to combine the two.

Timeout for Trivia: Congrats to those who guessed Bobby Brown last week. Want to be entered into a drawing to win a Friends coffee mug? Simply email me the answer to this week’s “Who Am I?” question. Good luck: “Today I turn 54. From 1990-94 I was married to a woman who on her sitcom was married to a guy that together made them the heaviest couple on TV. I appear on TV and in movies – although in movies I’m never the leading man, in my 1994 action/comedy movie I made a great sidekick to a future politician.”


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