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BarrysBlog_FBGood News
Looking to buy a home? The government will give you a tax credit of $8,000.00. (there are restrictions though). There were rumors that this was going to be as high as $15,000.00. Regardless, this is a good thing to pass on to potential buyers.

Good News 2
My Rogaine is working. I found some new hairs this morning which is kinda cool.

Interest Rates
Rates remain in the low 5’s. Remember – rates depend on credit score, amount of equity in the home, and what type of property it is.

Last week’s trivia question revolved around the Oscars: Which Best Picture film holds the record for swear words – 329 of them. The answer is Platoon. (incidentally, my grandfather at the age of 98 swore more than 400 times during the Bears Super Bowl loss to the Colts a few years ago (and half the time called the Bears the ‘Bulls’) I believe that to be a record. . . Congratulations to the select few that answered this right and won a Perl Mortgage pen valued at over $6.00. This week’s trivia: In the movie E.T, the young boy lures E.T out with some Reese’s Pieces. Director Steven Spielberg originally wanted another candy but could not get the rights. What candy was I?


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