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BarrysBlog_FBWhat do the real estate market and the Hot Pocket in my microwave have in common? They are both heating up – big time! Lots of people are calling for pre-approvals and getting ready to make offers. While both coasts are still weak, here in Chicagoland things are looking up. So brace yourselves for a great spring and summer – today is the first day of the rest of your real estate life!

What’s cool about me – part one
Ever wonder what your credit scores are? It’s good to check your credit once a year to make sure it’s clean. I am more than happy to do this for you – I do it for free and I will give you my analysis on how to raise your scores/ fix anything that needs fixing. Just give me a call -773.413.6242.

What’s cool about me – part two
On my flight from Florida to Chicago last week Justine Bateman was on the same plane. At one point she got up to go to the bathroom and I was coming back from the bathroom. As we passed I gave her a nod as if to say, “Hey, wussup?” and she said, “Hi.” I told my wife we had a much longer conversation to make her jealous.

Did’ja know?
We can still get loans for your clients that are only putting 5% down when purchasing condos or single family homes. Everything you read in the press will say 20-25% down to purchase a condo, but it simply isn’t true. I don’t know how much longer this 5% will last, but it’s with all the major banks we deal with so let your clients know this is an option if they don’t have a lot of money for a down payment.

Last week’s answer: John Hughes. Answer this week’s question and win a $5.00 gift card from Starbucks: Who am I: This actor turns 58 today. He starred in a successful sitcom in the late 70s as well as a successful (but crappy) sitcom in the 80s that might make you think it starred Bruce Springsteen.


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