Golf, Detroit, and Daryl Hannah

BarrysBlog_FBLove Quote of the Day:
“Love and stoplights can be cruel.” – Ernie (Sesame Street)

Don’t Believe Everything You Read:
While people say newspapers are dead because news is now instant, my pet peeve is with the internet news not being up-to-date. On Friday the headline read ‘30yr fixed rates at all-time lows’ when in reality that actually happened on Wednesday. On Friday, they went up a quarter of a point due to Fed Chief Ben Bernanke mentioning rate hikes, and weekly jobless claims that beat estimates. As always, it’s best to call me to find out exactly where the rates are at that moment. And as always, it’s important to know that the only news that is 100% true is the news in the National Inquirer. My two favorite headlines from this past year: ‘Billionaire Wills His Fortune to Imaginary Friend’, and ‘Woman Delivers Own Baby While Skydiving!’

Miniature Golf Update:
Last Friday a few Jameson employees nailed the PERL miniature golf course in ways that Tiger Woods never could (not sure what that means, but it sounds funny). First, hats off to Luke Arnold who won the entire tournament with a score of 17 (one under par). He beat out 163 other golfers for the prize (and was the only one to bring his own ball marker which may have psyched out some of the competition). Make sure to congratulate Luke when you see him. Also, honorable mention has to go out to Chris Feurer (3 over par) and Mike Sato (1 over par) who were both fighting sleep deprivation from the Bulls game 48 hours earlier. Yanis Kalnins and Kathy Schrage both finished a solid 6 over par (Also, Kathy finished 2nd in the Perl Ping-Pong tournament. There were only two teams entered, but still somewhat impressive). Christina Breuer, who was favored to win the whole thing, still shot pretty good (7 over par), and Elana Spector shot 10 over par – but many who witnessed it think she was distracted by Sandesh’s outfit. (check the pics out on the PERL Facebook page).

Love Quote of the Day 2:
“So you see, my son, there is a very fine line between love and nausea.” – King Jaffe Joffer (James Earl Jones), Coming to America, 1988.

Depreciation Depression:
Be glad we don’t live in Detroit, Mortgage Fans. They have been the hardest hit in today’s economy. I just found out this little nugget from watching football on Thanksgiving: The Pontiac Silverdome (former home of the Detroit Lions) cost $55 million to build. It recently sold for $583,000.00 – a 99% price reduction. Had I known it was so cheap, I would’ve bought it and fulfilled my dream of streaking across a football field without getting arrested.

Timeout for Trivia:
Congrats to all of you who guessed Chicago’s own Daryl Hannah as last week’s answer. Today’s Who Am I? question is a little tougher. Good luck: “Yesterday I turned 43 – the same age as Barry Schwartz. Unlike Barry, my head does not scream for Rogaine, even though it looks like it needs it. Born in Dublin, I flip-flop living there and in America. I’ve had a lot of success on the pop charts with my own songs, but my biggest success was a # 1 hit in 1990 that Prince wrote. Saturday Night Live will still not rebroadcast my performance from October of 1992, but I have said I am sorry.”


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