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Hope Quote of the Day: “Some see a hopeless end, while others see an endless hope.” – Author Unknown (got this one from a fortune cookie last night. Thank you, Hunan Garden!)

Today in Economic History: It was on this day in 1952 the New York Stock Exchange changed its ways, ending the half-workday on Saturdays. (Predicted also on this day: Postal workers complain to their bosses, “Why do we still do Saturdays when the NYSE doesn’t have to?!”)

Every Wednesday should start by reading 43 Tweets about dogs.

Wuss’up This Week: Three big reports come out on employment this week. Today it’s ADP’s Employment Report, tomorrow Jobless Claims, and Friday’s Employment Numbers for September. If these come out good for the economy rates will go up, and vice-versa. Also on Friday we have the ‘I’m going to start eating the mini Kit-Kat bars my wife bought for Halloween and hopefully she won’t notice’ report. Hopefully that goes well. In the meantime, rates are still low…

30-year fixed rates remain in the high-3s/low-4s while ARM rates are .50-.75 lower. As usual rates will vary based on type of home, equity in the home, credit score, and if you live with a smart baby.

Don’t forget to remember: Any purchase or refinance loan over $240k I will waive all lender fees – a savings of $1,050! Practice random acts of kindness and forward this blog to any friends, family, coworkers or people that like birds-eye views that can use this break!

Hope Quote of the Day 2: “I’m just hoping Angelina Jolie hooks-up with Val Kilmer… the ‘Vagelina’ headlines would be priceless!” – @Bauart

Timeout for Trivia: Congrats to those who guessed Catherine Zeta Jones last week. Want to be entered into a drawing to win Seagull Toothpicks? Simply email me the answer to this week’s Who Am I? question. Good luck: “Today I turn 33. I love animals! When I was 12 I broke into showbiz by starring with a fox and a wolf. Ten years later I starred in a movie where my friend’s parents were both zoologists. That’s so… hmmm, what’s the word I want to make up here?”


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