I Believe in Santa and Other Stuff Too

Let’s take time out from the usual market updates to celebrate the best time of the year. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, what your race is, or even if you’re a Packer fan; this is the time we should all come together and celebrate the magic of the holiday season, because I do believe our economy is turning for the better. ‘Tis the season of believing, Mortgage Fans! Besides the economy, here is my list of the Top 11 things I believe in right now:

1.     Opinions are great because there is no right or wrong, but I believe if you don’t believe there is a higher power, life on other planets, or that the Beatles are the greatest rock band of all time you will be wrong.

2.     I believe that drive-in movie theaters are the single most underrated thing in our country (followed by piano bars). And I believe Justin Bieber is the most overrated. (followed by Justin Bieber performing in a piano bar).

3.     I believe vanity license plates, in some cases, have the opposite effect of what was planned (and to the guy I saw driving yesterday: I think girls will have a tough time believing you are GR8 D8 B8).

4.     I believe that Cat’s in the Cradle, Total Eclipse of the Heart, and any Celine Dion song should be eliminated from karaoke bars.

5.     I believe the conversation at the kids table will always be more entertaining than the conversation at the adults table.

6.     I believe that leftovers are always better than the original meal (not including sushi or Dunkin Donuts.).

7.     I do believe you are what you eat, which makes it fascinating how that phrase becomes so literal for cannibals.

8.     I believe hamsters run on wheels not for fun, but because they think they are escaping. (let the record show this is the only thing I know about hamsters).

9.     I believe the theme from Rocky is the greatest workout song of all-time. And I believe Carol King’s It’s Too Late Baby is the worst workout song of all time which may explain why I don’t have huge muscles but have had some excellent, excellent cries when lifting weights.

10.   I believe that dorky dancers can make really cool videos 

11. I believe everyone reading this is fantastically awesome and I thank you for your business, support, and friendship over the years. Wishing you a happy New Year and that 2011 is your best ever!


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