Lucky Nines: 9.9.09

BarrysBlog_FBHappiness Quote of the Day
“Happiness is a way-station between too little and too much.” – Channing Pollock

Unemployment Numbers
were both good and bad when announced on Friday September 3rd. ‘Only’ 216,000 people lost their jobs in August. This was the lowest total in a year, so that’s encouraging. While signs point to a economy that is recovering, it traditionally recovers before the job sector does. Unemployment rate stands at 9.7%. Experts predict we will hit 10% before it swings the other direction. The Catch-22 is that when these numbers improve, interest rates will be on the rise. What can makes rates come down, you ask? A good starting point would be the —

Fed Beige Book Report
This comes out today at 1:00 CST. It’s a report (published 8 times a year) that details current economic conditions across the US . It’s important because signs of weakness will lead to lower rates. Also it’s important to note that the Fed’s Black Book remains unpublished to protect all of his ex-girlfriends.

Shout Out To
My parents. I’m including their emails on this blog because today they have been married 50 years! I feel like I can wear that same badge of honor because although I’ve only been married for 15 years, it feels like 50. (if everyone can please delete this after reading I would appreciate it. My wife would kill me for writing that).

Interest Rates
Continue to yo-yo each direction. A 30yr fixed stays in the low 5s and ARMs are in the low 4s. Also, JP Morgan Chase has exclusively made us a part of their Jumbo pricing which means interest rates on any loan over 417k look really, really appetizing.

Happiness Quote of the Day 2
“Happiness is eating an entire pack of Chiclets at once.” – Barry Schwartz, September 9, 2009.

Timeout for Trivia
Congratulations to those of you who guessed Ric Ocasek as the dude who somehow got Paulina Porizkova to marry him (my theory centers around green cards). Want to win a $5.00 Starbucks gift card? Simply be one of the first ten to answer this week’s Who Am I? question. Good luck: “I turn 43 today. I was Theo Huxtable’s friend, Smitty, on the Cosby Show. I starred briefly on MTV’s game show Remote Control, but I guess you could say my big break came when I was hired as a writer/cast member of Saturday Night Live. I’ve made a bunch of movies – my favorite being the one about golf.


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