Painting, Dancing, and Rates Are Still Low

Note to my wife: This marriage will now be temporarily interrupted by the start of the NFL season tomorrow. Thank you, Lord, for football…

Painting Quote of the Day: “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” – Pablo Picasso

This Week in Economic History: It was on September 4th, 1888 that Charles Eastman got a patent for his Kodak camera. (*note to Millennials: back in the day phones and cameras had to be purchased separately. Crazy, right?! Wait, it gets better — the camera had to be loaded up with what’s called “film” that you had to bring to a “camera store” to be “developed.”)

Wuss’up This Week: Every day reports about the economy are released that can sway interest rates in either direction. Today we’ve got the Beige Book Report (this is a book the Fed will discuss that tells economic conditions and may sway the Fed to raise rates. (*note: this book never made it to Oprah’s Book Club).Tomorrow we have Jobless Claims, and on Friday we’ve got the Baker-Hughes Rig Count. (*note: no clue what that is, but it’s on the Bloomberg economic calendar so I’m including it so I look smart.)

Interest rates have crept up but… still super-low, Mortgage Fans. A 30yr fixed is in the mid-3s with ARM rates about a half a point lower. As usual rates will vary based on type of home, equity in the home, your credit score, and if you like to start dance parties.

Don’t forget to remember: Any purchase or refinance loan over $240k I will waive ALL lender fees – a $1,050 savings. Grab yourself a cup of instant karma and pass this info onto any friends, family, coworkers, or sports mascots that can use this gift.

Painting Quote of the Day 2: “It’s sad how Wile E. Coyote is remembered for his violence, and not for his brilliantly realistic paintings of tunnels.” – @rolldiggity

Timeout for Trivia: Congrats to those who guessed Cameron Diaz last week. Want to be entered into a drawing to win a Cabbage Umbrella? Simply email me the answer to this week’s Who Am I? question. Good luck: “Tomorrow I turn 37. I was born Alecia Beth Moore but you might know me by my stage name which has nothing to do with breast cancer awareness (I actually took it from a character’s name in Reservoir Dogs). I’ve been in Charlie’s AngelsSpongebob SquarepantsGet Him to the Greek, and Happy Feet Two but you probably know me best for my music. I was the second most-played female solo artist in the United Kingdom during the 2000s decade, behind only Madonna. So let’s all toast my hits, because it’s my birthday tomorrow and we’ll want to get that celebration to begin.”

Thanks for the memories, Robbie.


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